Born in Melbourne, EVO Sportswear is a fresh face on the high performance team sports category who are a cutting edge teamwear brand that goes beyond the norm to engineer, design and manufacture technically advanced performance athletic garments, helping humans optimise performance.

EVO Sportswear is the chosen brand for many teams, clubs, schools, events, corporates, fitness institutions and state sporting associations throughout Australia not because of our brand image. It’s from our relentless passion to exceed our clients expectations from an elite development perspective in pursuing fabric innovation, customer service, fast production lead times and from our range of athletic garments we can offer, ensuring our clients continue to look and feel great as we empower teams to the pinnacle of performance and comfort.

In-house garment technicians and sales staff, who have formerly worked at the coalface with 2XU, dedicate their time to product development and are constantly searching for new fabric technologies to elevate athletes and teams everywhere.

Our global award winning factory and staff boast knowledge and expertise in manufacturing technically advanced sportswear for professional and semi-professional teams and weekend warriors alike, which has been the cornerstone of our factory’s longevity since 1998.


EVO fabrics are tested in various environments to ensure they meet and exceed the performance requirements. 

Using innovative Quick-Dri microfilament performance polyester handpicked from the best mills around the world will keep your skin hygienically fresh, comfortable, cool, dry and light in any environment through an industry-leading capillary action.

All EVO Sportswear garments are synonymous to comfort and follows your every move, making you feel comfortable and offering you a perfect fit under any circumstances.

Protected with SPF 50+, means you can feel safe every time you practice your favourite sport in the Australian sun.

Every product is treated with permanent antibacterial for the life of the garment preventing bacteria proliferation ensuring you remain odour free at all times.


Using the best Italian J-TECK inks, Swiss paper and the world’s best Monti Antonio sublimation machine, means higher DPI for sharper, cleaner and vibrant finishes.

Our sublimation technology is better on the environment and produces brilliant transfers onto fabrics with less migration and bleeding – and there is no peeling, flaking or fading like you see with digital prints used from other brands.

For high quality printing on breathable performance fabrics, EVOs market-leading Italian print sublimation technology is unsurpassed.