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The heart and soul of a team comes from its unity. This can be expressed in a variety of ways, but when it comes to the world of sport, a team’s solidarity is established by the unanimous front it presents to the opposition. This is where custom sports apparel serves as a powerful tool to demonstrate the strength of your team. EVO Sportswear have served as a prominent supplier of custom teamwear uniforms to sporting organisations and clubs throughout Australia.

We have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry due to our rigorous quality control measures, state of the art manufacturing processes and premium custom printing services. We can accommodate a myriad of needs by completely customising your order to reflect the core values of your club or team. Create Now


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Offering custom sports apparel
for a wide range of sports

Whether for a professional basketball league, local footy club, or a casual sporting team, we can provide our performance teamwear for all levels of athletes and weekend warriors. Our drive for producing sportswear which offers durability and ultimate comfort is synonymous with our desire to exceed our customers’ expectations. Thanks to our complimentary in-house design team, we can provide custom designs for all of our sportswear uniforms, whether you’re a diehard cricketer, or fierce netball enthusiast.

Custom sportswear uniforms designed in Melbourne, but loved throughout Australia

With years of experiencing engineering and crafting uniforms for sports as diverse as rowing and soccer, we have developed some of the leading fabric technologies available on the market. Boasting unrivalled durability, coupled with form hugging comfort, our teamwear can stand up to whatever you throw its way. We also understand how important a streamlined and lightweight design can benefit serious cycling and triathlon enthusiasts, which is why we strive to improve our technologies via rigorous testing. 

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