Technical Information


Garment Features

  1. Fabric: 80% Cotton 20% Polyester.

  2. Durable natural cotton with a polyester blend.

  3. Cotton collar, ribbed sleeves and rubber buttons.

  4. Raglan sleeve construction design.

Size Range

If you prefer a more relaxed fit garment, go for a size or two larger.

Youth: 6 (XS) – 14 (XL)
Unisex: 2XS – 7XL

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Colour Range & Execution


Through the power of Sublimated printing we can print any colour, the possibilities are endless.


Fabric Advantages

Asset 15

Super Soft


Moisture Wicking

Asset 12


Asset 16

Durable Material


Custom Accessories

You may also like to customise your accessories to guarantee your branding stays on point. Branding is no longer just about stuff, it’s about the story you you want to tell the world.